20 April 2011


I have to say, I have some pretty good ideas. One of the best has to be Rachael and I's new monthy brunch tradition. It combines many things that I love: good food, coffee, my sister, breakfast food, going out, not meeting till 10:30 so I can sleep in. Did I mention food? okay, good.

We decided to meet at Jelly, a new breakfast/lunch spot that just opened in Capitol Hill. Brunch can be a bit of a dilemma sometimes. You have to put up with waiting (like our 50 minute wait at Snooze), lots of hungover hipsters, and occasionally screaming kids. Luckily we were two for three on this one. We thought the wait would be long but it turned out to be about five minutes. No kids here but hipsters were abundant.

The wait for food is so much better with their scrumptious little donut bites! They actually make their own jelly here, hence the name. They are warm, crispy, and perfect on a Sunday morning! We should have gotten more. I was partial to the raspberry filled donuts.... I took a bite before I had time to snap a picture.

Raspberry jelly donuts forever!!

Chocolate and cinnamon sugar

There was a bit of a wait but we did have great service. I ordered the crab cakes benedict... gotta love a good benny! I only have two critiques: I like my yolks runny and my potatoes crispy/boldly flavored. Other than that it was wonderful, some of the best hollandaise I've had. (can you see all my sugar packets in the background? That coffee was strong!) Plus the prices are really reasonable so I felt like I could splurge! I think this was one of the priciest things on the menu for around $11.00.

Rachael and I had such a nice talk but I wish I would have taken more pictures of the place! You can see some of the decor in the photo below. They have retro cereal boxes lining the walls- brilliant! We were reminded of our little brother Jimmy because there was a box called "Quisps"-- we both laughed because that's how we would use our little Jim Jim accents to say "Crisps"! My favorite one is to the right of Rachael's head. It has Mr. Spock on it!

Rachael, Mr. Spock is checking you out!
Hope you're all having a great week! Always looking for more brunch suggestions!


  1. crab cakes benedict... uh YUM! You need to move back so we can go get brunch together. But I don't know if having to be somewhere at 10:30 really constitutes sleeping in... I can still sleep like I did back in high school :) Lv ya!

  2. Haha, I hear ya! We should plan brunch when I'm in town! I'll be there the 7th-9th, maybe after we try on our bridesmaids dresses?

  3. You girls and your seafood....YUCK! :) The donuts look amazing, though! I'm so excited for you to get here Steph! :)

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