01 December 2011

Gloomy Skies and Fun Times

 I swear this is the last post on Chicago. I bet you're all thinking, "Enough already! I'm sick of it! SICK OF IT" 

Well, too bad. I've got a few more up my sleeve so here you go:
The saucy Marilyn Monroe. Who played on air vents and didn't get in trouble.

 Don't ask

The chips that I later gave to a homeless man and the Chicago dog that was delicious.

We had a few extra hours to kill so we stopped in the Art Institute for a little while and I'm so glad we did! Not only am I still getting away with using my student ID for discounts, I also got to see some great works of art I never thought I would in real life.

Seurat's  A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte

Van Vogh's Self Portrait (the 1887 one... in case you were wondering)

Van Gogh's Bedroom in Arles


I kept thinking "Who is this man? His beard is very sensual." I can't remember the artist, but if you want to zoom in and find out that's fine with me. I would prefer it to be a mystery.

A model by the architect, Bertrand Goldberg, of my favorite buildings in Chicago, Marina City. You can LIVE there! Who wouldn't want to?! (Not actually there- what is that? A city for ants? No, there's actual buildings)
I got in trouble for taking this picture so I hope you appreciate it.

The end.

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