09 April 2011

Shiver Me Timbers

Last weekend I went with my sister and our friend Abby to the pirate exhibit at the Museum of Nature and Science here in Denver. It was the perfect day to go since it was freezing cold and snowing after a day of 80 degree weather.

I ended up learning a lot about pirates and was bummed I couldn't take pictures in the exhibit! But luckily Lazy Eye Bailey over there let me braid his hair.

It was really interesting how the pirates operated in the early 1700's. Once you were accepted into their ship by signing the papers, you were an equal member of the team regardless of race, sex, or age. In fact my favorite story was that of an 8 year old pirate. He was captured after a ship that he and his mother were travelling on was commandeered by pirates. He threatened to kill himself if he could not become a pirate so they just let him do his thang. He got an equal share of they booty. (when I told my mom this she thought I meant boo-tay! haha)

On a side note I was really sad that the museum closed their "Hall of Life" exhibit that I have loved since I went there as a kid. The stuff was all really old so I hope they will update it and re-open. When you went to the hall of life you would get a card that would track all of your stats when you went through the hall and it would basically tell you how healthy you would become based on your choices (food, exercise, smoking, alcohol intake, etc.)

I still recommend taking a trip to the museum, especially on a rainy day!

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