07 April 2011

Weekly Yoga Update

Okay, I'm not gonna lie. It's been a bad week for yoga. I have been super busy doing fun (museum, Rockies game, sister time!) and not so fun (taxes, headache, doctor appointment) things. Oh well.
So I won't even be able to go until tomorrow since I have a little tax meeting with my Dad where I could turn out being minus a G or plus a G 1/2. I'm hoping it turns out in my favor! I haven't had the best luck with taxes for the past couple of years.

I really do want to be going to Yoga more, I have been bummed every day I miss a class but it's all good. I will post more exciting adventures once I upload some pictures to my computer so look out!

The most recent time I went though my balance was awesome! I was "like a lamp post" as they say. Here's one tricky pose that I nailed the other night.

Other than that I am going to try to go plenty going forward. It has been a lot of fun so far!


  1. Get those pictures loaded up and get to yoga! Lv ya!