31 August 2011


 Day two! Sometimes family vacations sometimes get a little weird....

Like the fact that the sun was shining in Seattle. Not what I was expecting but I enjoyed it.

Good news! My paleness was not out of the ordinary in Seattle. There were pale people everywhere. I felt so loved and accepted that I wore shorts. 

There were flowers everywhere and I cannot even explain their affordability. Huge bouquets were like $10 which is unheard of in Denver.

Now I'll be quiet and let the food do the talkin'

Chowda! Just as good on the West Coast

We went to the EMP (Experience Music Project) by the Space Needle! Probably the best museum I have been to in a long time, I highly recommend checking it out. We actually got in fo' free! The place was only open for another hour and a half so we asked the guy if there was a discount, apparently the discount was 'free'. Thank you EMP guy, you made our day.

They had a really great Nirvana exhibit but I loved the Jimi Hendrix exhibit and I got to see his Woodstock Fender Stratocaster. If you're there, check out the Sound Lab too, they have interactive stations where you can learn differnent instruments. They also have jam studios where you and your sisters can act like total idiots and feel like rockstars for 10 minutes.

I tried to scrounge up some more pictures but my memory card crapped out on me halfway through the trip, what the eff?!?! It was brand new! I lost a ton of pictures but I'm still working on retrieving the rest.

Here's a few pictures from where we stayed on Camano Island, our cabin was just 2 blocks from the ocean:

Lindsay told us there was an abundance of crabs walking along the shore but when we got there we didn't find any! I'm a midwestern girl so I've never really seen so much "sea stuff" the only way I can describe it. Not exactly a beach for laying out on but it was beautiful.

28 August 2011

Oh, hey!

Woah, where have you been?!?! Oh, my bad. That was me who didn't blog for about three months. Ooops. Oh well, I have some pictures, we went to Washington! Here's day one:

Rachael and Lindsay hanging out at a little coffee shop we had breakfast at the first day in Washington. SO MUCH FOOD.

My brother David came along too! He likes his phone :)

Dad was happy to be in Seattle. This is actually supposed to be a picture of the sign behind him. It was a shop that sold vintage art. However, I misread the sign and thought it said "Vintage Farts" and almost peed my pants.

I was able to capture an image of David spitting something from his mouth at a high speed. This is probably the photo I am most proud of after recently upgrading my camera.

Hey pretty sisters!

We went to a little parade in the town near where we were staying. Here's a taste of some local flavor from Washington:

Okay, what's scarier?

My father, shaming us children for not crossing the parade route IN THE MIDDLE OF THE PARADE to search for food. 

Tomorrow: Day two!