29 October 2011

The new Ericksons

Hey guys! I've been so busy lately, haven't had much time to blog but it's because I've been doing so many awesome things ;)

Last weekend I had the special honor of being a bridesmaid in my best friend's wedding back in Omaha. I had such a great time seeing old friends and making new ones.

I've known Kait since Freshman year of high school and back in the day we would have sleepovers and recite Zoolander all day long. Let's just say that she's grown up a lot more than me. I still quote Zoolander regularly and Kait is in her first year of teaching third grade.

From the moment I met Kait, she always knew what she wanted. It was like she could describe Jake years before she met him. The way he looked, the kind of car he drove, his hobbies and his demeanor. When I finally got to meet Jake it was like meeting someone I already knew. He was exactly as she had imagined him and she finally found him. I am so happy for the two of them, they deserve all the happiness in the world.

I'd like to share a few pictures with you from their beautiful wedding:

 The night before the big day we had a sleepover!!! No Zoolander but it was still good!

 Talking to her groom the night before the wedding. So sweet.
 The lovely Amanda, always helping me with my photos! Check out her awesome blog here.
 Hair time!
 Putting on the dress. It all came together so beautifully.

Stacie, Maid of Honor. I love your mind. I love the way it works. blog.

Two of my best girls

 Father of the bride's toast
Classic and stunning.


Not to end on a tacky note but I had to throw this one in here--- on the way out of Nebraska we saw this. Pool. HBO. Beer. 'Nuff said