19 November 2010

Warning: Ringtone may cause Tribal War.

Check this out: a ringtone is responsible for tribal violence...
 "The attack was triggered by an offensive ringtone circulating among the Yoka tribe that allegedly contained insulting lyrics directed at the Wamena tribe, playing to a reggae beat".
I wonder why they chose a reggae beat? Wish they would have included a clip of it!

04 November 2010

Tim Fite!

Okay guys, so I went to a concert on Monday night at the Hi-Dive. I love going to concerts without any expectations which is what I did this time since I was invited by a friend and didn't know anything about any of the bands that were playing.

So, Tim Fite opened for Azure Ray and Tim Kasher. We were waiting for things to get started and this guy in white overalls and a shaved head (except for some long stringy pieces on top) gets up on stage and starts rockin it! He had such great stage presence and his show was actually a performance, it was smart and funny and was a little indie/hip hop/country. You could also tell that he totally got into it and he put on such a great show. The Rambo song was hilarious and definitely worth checking out.

I didn't stick around to see Azure Ray's whole performance, they're stuff isn't really my style--- girly, breathy harmonies- meh. So I went next door to Sputnik for some yummy vegan tacos. Tim Kasher was pretty good but I didn't stick around for the whole thing because my lame ass usually goes to bed at 9:30. Before I left I had to pick up one of Tim Fite's albums though so I chose Fair Ain't Fair which I have been rockin' in my car since Monday night. Every time I listen to it, I get into it even more so here are a few of my favorites:

Big Mistake
Yesterday's Garden
More Clothes


Rock on

After reading this blog post, I hope that one day when I do have kids of my own, I will let my kids be who they are even though it takes a lot of courage :)

It was foretold.

Lincoln, Nebraska – A man dressed as a breathalyzer was arrested for alleged drunk driving after leaving a party.
Chief of Police, Tom Casady, said: “Because I can’t make this stuff up, yesterday morning after the bars closed, Officer Tyler Nitz arrested this man for drunk driving. The defendant was still dressed in his Halloween costume and he tested more than twice the legal limit.”
“He was joined at the detox center by a French maid and a naughty border patrol agent.”
Oh I love that this happened in my home State of Nebraska, we do love Halloween.