30 March 2011

Weekly Yoga Update

Hey guys!

I bet you thought that I quit Bikram after my scary first experience but I actually have gone back and that... has made all the difference! haha

Anyway, I went the very next day and it was a little easier, then the next day, then the next and I've actually come to enjoy it quite a bit. What I heard in the beginning was exactly right. Once you get past those first two classes it really becomes A LOT easier.

So I decided to challenge myself. I heard a lot of the people who got the month long pass were doing "30 day challenges" so I decided to try it out. Since starting last Monday (03/21) I have only missed two classes. I'm going to try to make those up by going in the morning and evening on the weekend but if I don't make it, I'm not going to stress :) I don't want to miss more than four days total though. (That's one day of rest every week)

The instructors say that you improve rapidly the more you do it and I am already feeling some of the results. One of the main things that keeps me going back is the fact that it is helping to relieve my back pain. I have had back pain for several years now from my scoliosis and was actually seeing a Chiropractor for a while (spending WAY too much time and money on it!) I was also told to go to physical therapy by my physician but thought I would try this first (doctor's orders...pshhh). So long story short, back pain = nearly non-existant. After only one week. WIN!!!

That's not the only benefit though. I've also been sleeping better and feeling stronger. Not to mention the flexibility! I'm also thankful that it gives me a moment to meditate. I like to get to class early and get a good spot. I will lie in Savasana for about 10 minutes and try to focus on my breathing. I'm trying not to sound like a total hippie here but it really calms me down and getting there early helps my body acclamate to the heat.

Savasana: lol catz! haha

I also like when the instructors refer to this dude:
Bikram Choudhury!

haha! He has a lot of "phrases" for every pose that crack me up!

“you want the key to success in life? Lock the f****ing knee.”

Iyengar school [which uses props] looks like a Santa Monica sex shop.

The body is a temple, the finest machine in the world. It's so sensitive, but if you treat it nasty for too long, of course it will backfire.

quotes from an interview Choudhury did in 2004 with Chicago Tribune reporter Sara Olkon, who wrote this when she was with the Miami Herald.

This is the pose that I am struggling with the most right now:

I have no balance! I contstantly fall out of it!

The pose I have improved on the most is:

Just kidding! Maybe one day

This is what I've improved on most. It's shorter than the other poses but it gives you, as the instructors like to say "A mini heart attack... so you don't have to have a big one later" I was barely able to hold the pose at first and I looked like a broken umbrella :( When I looked at myself in the mirror last night while in the pose it looked pretty dang good! Feels good to see some improvement!

So there's an update for you! I even have another fitness challenge lined up for myself after my 30 days are up! But I'm keeping it a secret... mostly to mentally prepare lol.



  1. You totally got me on that picture of the guy posed with the feet on his head when you said that I was your "most improved pose." I immediately thought to myself - that little skinny flexible bitch! HAHAHA! :) Love your posts about your yoga adventures. Maybe, just maybe, it'll be able to roust me off my fat butt to get back into it. Lv ya!

  2. Girrrrrl! What fat butt?!?! hahaa

    If you don't start you know I will be able to do that pose before you lol!

  3. Both of you are skinny, flexible bitches. So there.

    I'm so proud of my hot (pun intended - lame), bikram girl! You are doing so well!