22 March 2011

105 Degrees

So here begins an exciting journey* for me. Since previously posting about my obsession with the daily deal sites, I have abstained except for one purchase: my unlimited month of Bikram Yoga. I have been wanting to get a yoga membership for about a year now but they run about $150/month so I figured I would hold off.... until a $40 month of yoga popped into my inbox. Yes please! I bought it instantly without really looking into what Bikram was.

So yesterday was my first class. My yoga in general is pretty rusty so I was nervous but luckily there was another girl who just started her coupon. She said she had done Bikram a few times but hadn't been to a class in a while so I figured she would stumble along with me.

Apparently the girl was a natural because not only could she do every pose with ease but she also didn't break a sweat. In a 105 degree room. (her hair also stayed straight and her skin wasn't beet red but yeah.)

I on the other hand was roasting like a Thanksgiving turkey. I was warned that the heat will get to you in the first one or two classes so you just sit and follow along by watching and enduring waves of nausea. They also ask that you really try not to leave the room. So I waited for about 5 minutes.

I really felt like fainting. My hands and feet started getting all tingly and I felt it coming but I stayed strong and sipped some water. It was at pose 4 when I actually got back up and joined the class. My balance was WAY off though, I bet people thought I was drunk. From then on it got easier but it didn't get any cooler. Everyone was sweating a lot, and it's pretty gross. Especially since there's carpet and the room is covered in mirrors so you feel like everyone is looking at you. But I bet everyone is just thinking about how damn hot the room is anyway so I stopped caring that I looked so icky. 

About halfway through the class I started thinking that I never wanted to set foot in that God forsaken place again. Screw the $40. I was over it.

I also didn't bring a full sized towel. The mat gets wet (I know, eeew). I only brought a hand towel and the instructor saw me sliding around like a baby seal so she let me borrow a full sized one.

I know you all probably think that I walked right out of there without looking back but I stuck it out! I made it through the class and I felt so proud of myself! I made it! Go me!

I don't know if it's the fact that I am so cheap I refused to let $40 go to waste or that I am so stubborn I wouldn't let myself walk out of the room but I finished the class. I even went to talk to the instructor afterwards and she told me she was a little worried about me in the beginning but she thinks that once I get used to the heat I have some potential. woop woop!

So there you have it. If you can't take the heat, get out of the studio. So bring it on! Class again tonight at 6:30 (and I'm trying to do 5 times a week at least for the month).

Any embarrasing group workout stories from anyone else? It would make me feel better to hear them :)


*If you were wondering about the reference to the term "journey" you can ask my lovely friend, Stacie Salinas at her blog: http://officiallydifferent.blogspot.com/


  1. I love it! I did a month long "Hot Yoga" class about 2 years ago. It was awesome...and yes, the heat can get overwhelming at first, but it gets better. I did it in the Winter, though, so it was almost refreshing. The only complaint? There was a guy in my class that almost ALWAYS worse tight short shorts, kind of like volleyball spanks for competitive women players. He liked to stand in front of me, so I got to focus on his hairy legs and other things while doing yoga. And he smelled...

    Oh, and hahaha! We can call a truce - "journey" is a cheesy word. Forgive me. I'm sorry. :)

  2. I like the journey! It's funny!

    Oh and there was definitely a guy like that in my class last night. He was big and had a VERY hairy back. I found it hard not to giggle.

  3. Sliding around like a baby seal - haha!! Love it! I can totally picture the scene. I think one of the worst parts about yoga is how quite it gets. I've had to walk out of the class before, not because it was too hot (I've never tried hot yoga), but because I needed to fart and was sure everyone was going to hear me! EMMMBARRASSSSIIING!

  4. Forgot to ask - have you done it since? Are you keeping up with your blog vow? Lv ya!

  5. I laughed out loud when I read that! I have had to leave the room as well, when I was taking a class a couple of years ago I got a massive cough attack! So embarrasing! I ran out of the room and this woman who gave me a mug of water probably thought I was dying! haha!

    As for the blog vow I'm trying to keep it up-- definitely more than once a month : )