17 March 2011


Happy St. Patty's Day everyone!

Careful ladies,
don't this one take you back to his gaff tonight after a few pints

This is one of my favorite holidays of the EVER. I love everything Irish and to celebrate I thought I would dust off some Irish phrases that I learned over in Dublin. I'll probably be throwin' some of these around tonight after a few Irish car bombs! (Stacie-- you and Brad will have to learn some of these before heading over there this summer!)

The River Liffey and the Ha' Penny Bridge-- Where lots of homeless people beg for change.
Arse-- Butt
Bollocks-- Jerk
Bolloxed-- Really Drunk
Dosser-- Lazy person
D4-- Posh person, reffering to a neighborhood postal code
Eejit-- Idiot
Feck- F***
Give out-- Chew someone out
Fairplay!-- Well done!
Gaff-- House/apartment
Gard- Police officer
Gas-- Funny, as in "That's gas!"
Git-- Bad person
Gobshite-- Talkative boring person
Gone in the head-- Cra-zay
Howya -- Hi
Craic-- Fun/gossip
What's the Craic?-- What's goin' on?
Jacks-- The bathroom
Toilet-- The bathroom
Jaysus-- Jesus
Kip-- Nap
Knackered-- Really sleepy
Wrecked-- Really sleepy
Lashing-- Pouring rain
Lay off-- Leave me alone
Letting on-- Pretending
Rippin' the piss-- Lying/joking
Locked- Really drunk
Manky-- Dirty
Messin'-- Playing around
Nip-- Naked
Norn Iron-- Northern Ireland
Tayto/crisps-- Potato Chips
Chips-- French Fries
Rashers-- Bacon
Runners/Trainers-- Tennis shoes
Slagging-- Making fun of someone
Spuds-- Potatoes
Strand-- Beach
Up the Pole-- Pregnant
Wanker-- Someone you don't like
Your Man-- That guy over there

Now let's use these in a sentence!

De feckin gards woke me when I was takin' a kip in de jacks in de nip! Feckin' wankers!


Your man's gaff if feckin manky. I'd give out to 'im but I think he's gone in the head.

Come up with your own!!

In Cork for the Swell Season Show! Fall 2008

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