26 January 2012

Winter Wonderland

I know I just posted pictures of 80 degree weather at the beach so let's shake things up around here! A few weeks ago when my younger brother and sister were in town, we all went snowshoeing in the Rockies! What an adventure! It was my first time snowshoeing and for some reason I had some serious concerns. Mainly being chased by a bear and not being able to get away fast enough. When I found out that if you come in contact with a bear you aren't supposed to run - just stand tall and if they attack, play dead- my fears were calmed. Who knew- it's like bear school.

Here's a few snapshots:
My sister, Lindsay, ready to attack in case we did have to fight for our lives.

I got a hydration pack as a Christmas gift which came in handy! Don't I look totally geared in?!? Mountain woman!!!! Rachael looks like she has long, white, mountain woman braided pigtails.

Let's do this!!!

Gorgeous view of the mountain. The snow looked majestic floating up in the air like that.

Colorful Colorado

Rachael and Dad. Don't you love his furry hat? I got him that for Christmas!

I made a little friend. He was eating a nut!!

This frozen waterfall was so freakin' cool! I felt like an explorer :)

My brother David decided to wander off and climb a mountain without telling anyone. That was like the #1 thing the park rangers were telling us NOT to do but he's a teenager so of course he HAD to do it. I got this shot of him when he finally decided to make his way back down the mountain and re-join his family. We all thought he was a goner.

Oh and Christopher Walken was there too. (Sorry, I couldn't resist.)


  1. Memories! The only thing I do not love is that I look like a chubby boy. That action shot of David is really great!

  2. Haha thanks! You do not look like a chubby boy - crazy! You look like a beautiful mountain woman.

  3. It was a great post...and then you added in Christopher Walken. It became EPIC. :)

  4. I know Stacie! I couldn't resist!!!! Love ya!