16 January 2012

Pomp and Circumstance

My little sister Rachael graduated from college! So proud of her! It was a busy weekend full of food and family. Here's a few photos: 

Waiting for graduation to begin. My sister Lindsay, my step mom Janet, and Dad:

Rachael's boyfriend Dave there to cheer her on!

So proud of you little sister!

Rachael and Mom :)

Our sister Lindsay came out all the way from New Hampshire! She's the best- she even ran down the halls of the convention center with me when I realized I needed to more time on my parking. We actually RAN. And we barely made it too. The scary meter maid was like 10 cars down from mine writing some other poor soul a ticket.

We made a ridiculous amount of food for the party but by the time I got there a lot of it had already been consumed! We feasted! Rachael and I planned out the menu months in advance and she was busy preparing food and studying for finals even! I wish I had more pictures but for the recipes, check out my board on Pintrest. I did make a red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting- my favorite!

My grandma brought these pictures of little Rachael through the years, so sweet! She's always thinking of stuff like that. My absolute favorite picture of Rachael is the one of her in the blue sweater on top. I think she was about 3. How freakin' cute is that?

And if you're wondering, she did just land a new job as an admissions counselor for a college here in Denver! The girl got some education and it paid off! Congratulations Rachael! 

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