30 November 2011

Chicago in the Fall

Chicago continued!

Several weeks later!

We got to spend a whole day just walking around the city. Here's a little preview:

The autumn colors
Dad and I were lured in by the "free art" at the Art Institute. Sadly, this is all we found.

The beautiful skyline

This is the "Chicago of the Future" club.

Native grasses of Illinois

But it looks fun!

There was a lot of cabbage and kale used as decoration which I thought was lovely and edible. I wondered why all of the homeless people didn't just eat that, it has a lot of vitamins, right? I did lay an uneaten bag of potato chips by a sleeping homeless man though. Just doing my part.

Looks fun and cold at the same time.

Wha?!? Really? Back in the day I guess.

They all look bronze-ish to me...

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  1. You've made me now want to go to Chicago, a place I never dreamed I would want to go to. =)

  2. I know, it was never really on my radar, kind of went on a whim but I'm really glad I did!

  3. #1. I love your brown/tan/camel-colored boots. They are lovely.

    #2. Thank you for doing your part to help the homeless.

    #3. I have been trying to convince Brad to do a segueway tour forEVER. He won't do it...he claims people look dorky while doing them. I will NOT be showing him your picture, as it proves that people do in fact look very dorky.

  4. Stacie,

    #1. Thank you very much.

    #2. I do what I can

    #3. I think Brad's right on this one. Do it anyway though!!! It does remind me of mall cops now.