15 November 2011

The Bean!

I was in Chicago last weekend and had an amazing time exploring the city. I can't believe I had never gone before. Since it's such a quick flight from Denver, it's just stupid not to go.
I had one day to explore the city and everyone suggested Michigan Avenue. I had heard people discussing the Bean before and I always thought "where could this bean be?" "how much does it weigh?" and "when will it appear?". Well my friends, as it so happens, the bean is located in Millenium Park in Chicago. It weighs 110 tons and it appeared in front of me when I accidentally strolled into Millenium Park in search of hot dogs.
It's just too awesome to take pictures in/on/of not to devote an entire post to. I wanted to take it home with me.

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  1. I now want to see THE BEAN!!! :)

  2. I've never been to Chicago, other than the airport! I want to go see THE BEAN! :)

  3. It was so cool you guys! I had been to the airport like 7 times too Stacie! I finally emerged and this is what is in Chicago. Amazing.