28 August 2011

Oh, hey!

Woah, where have you been?!?! Oh, my bad. That was me who didn't blog for about three months. Ooops. Oh well, I have some pictures, we went to Washington! Here's day one:

Rachael and Lindsay hanging out at a little coffee shop we had breakfast at the first day in Washington. SO MUCH FOOD.

My brother David came along too! He likes his phone :)

Dad was happy to be in Seattle. This is actually supposed to be a picture of the sign behind him. It was a shop that sold vintage art. However, I misread the sign and thought it said "Vintage Farts" and almost peed my pants.

I was able to capture an image of David spitting something from his mouth at a high speed. This is probably the photo I am most proud of after recently upgrading my camera.

Hey pretty sisters!

We went to a little parade in the town near where we were staying. Here's a taste of some local flavor from Washington:

Okay, what's scarier?

My father, shaming us children for not crossing the parade route IN THE MIDDLE OF THE PARADE to search for food. 

Tomorrow: Day two!

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  1. Looks like so much fun! You are hilarious. :)