09 February 2011

Good deal?

I'm going to admit something here. I have recently signed up for a somewhat embarrasing amount of the 'daily deal' sites. The ones that offer a new deal every day for usually at least 50% off. I even signed up for one that was specifically for moms even though it does not apply to me at all but they sometimes offer cheap massages.

I was so excited about all of the amazing deals that I purchased three of them three days in a row. None of which I have used yet (I'm planning on using one tommorow though! Taking Rachael for manicures and martinis.... woop woop!)

I think I need help. I need to make sure that I don't spend my entire paycheck on laser hair removal sessions or golf lessons just because they are cheap.


  1. I am so excited you blogged again! I don't know why it didn't email to tell me? I just noticed this. :) Anyways, I'm in the same boat - I definitely have an issue with "daily deals." I canceled my memberships the other day. It was eating my entire paycheck! Ha!

  2. Well it's okay because I didn't even check back till today! haha. Ever since I wrote that I haven't bought any new deals but I still have one to use up! Oh btw, I never got your work e-mail address, and you've gotta post more pics of your adorable little nephew!!!!