26 October 2010

Finally! My dream man

Late Links:
Sheriff Joe Arpaio gives Sarah Palin a pair of pink underwear at a Tea Party rally, because that’s the sort of stuff that goes on at those things.
Swimsuit Monday: Jaime King, Neve Campbell, and Mary Gamarra.
Cleavage Monday: Emmanuelle Chriqui, Paris Hilton.
Pretty In Print: Rachel McAdams in InStyle; Arianny Celeste in Maxim; Elle’s favorite 25-Somethings in Elle.
Get To Know A Hottie: Erica Chevillar.
International Beauty of the Day: Divya Lalitha.
How ad agencies would brand and package legalized marijuana products.
Holy Taco: How to Make a Lady Gaga Outfit.
Late List: Seven Supporting Actresses Who Are Sexier Than The Leading Lady.
[image: izismile.]


  1. haha! People still put these in the paper? Haven't they heard of match.com.

    Maybe you should call him? :)

  2. Apparently this guy hasn't which I think a lot of women should be thankful for.

    And I think I might call him, he sounds like quite a catch! ;)